• Full moon at Titahi Bay

  • Walking towards Stuart Park

  • Amazing views

  • Unforgettable sunsets

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Welcome to Titahibay.webcam

This website was created in May 2015, since I'm a keen angler and boating enthusiast. Feel free to use both the web-cam and weather-station to plan your adventures around Titahi Bay. Wikipedia is a good start to learn about one of the nicest places to live on mother earth.

Please read the disclaimer.Titahibay.webcam is privately owned and operated, and is not affiliated with the City of Titahi Bay, New Zealand, or any business or governmental entity.This data is provided as a hobby from a personal weather station and web-cam. While regularly verified for accuracy, you should not base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet. For the most current and accurate weather information for your area tune to your local TV or Radio Stations or your official National Weather Service forecast.